bayerischer wald 

Church of pilgrimage

The huge nave contains a absolutely beautiful altar made out of silver and gold between 1750 and 1752. Very special in this church is that the altar with the statue of the holy Mary serves in the back also as altar for the smaller church of the Franciscans. The bigger and the smaler churches are only separated by two wroughtiron gates.

Church of pilgrimage/Wallfahrtskirche
in winter: saturdays 16:00 h, in summer: saturdays 17:00 h, Sunday and special holidays 9:00 h und 10.30 h
Monastrery church/Klosterkirche
Sunday and special holiday 19:00 h, weekdays 08:00 h
Church St. Anna, Rittsteig (village 6 km from the centre)
Sunday and special holiday 09.00 h, tue and Fri 19:00 h
St. Josef und Vierzehnheiligen, Mais (village 3 km from the centre)
saturdays every two weeks: 19:00 h during summer,
17:00 h during winter
Jägershofer Chapel
(village 4 km from the centre)

mondays 16:00 h winter, 19:00 h summer
guided tours:

In July, August and September every Friday at 10.30 h;
or ask Thomas Schmatz,
organ player and sacristan, phone: 09947-2613.